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Workout mixed with fun , live music that makes it more like a party!

As for the fun I believe it is the number one reason why people stick to this fitness program and meet their goals most of the time.

Obviously there are different reasons and goals for people to assist to a Zumba Melbourne class being those the ones named above as describing Zumba as a Fitness program and dance program or a fitness program with both elements in it; fitness and dance but there is also the need for having “FUN” to distress and mentally disconnect from worries and issues while internally connecting with ourselves in the state of having fun, laughing and socialising with others.  That beautiful state of mind and soulful connection that music and movement creates can absolutely help to accomplish goals; fitness goals, dance goals and/or it can act as another type of “therapy”  in people’s life where it is all about loosen up and enjoy the moment (and for only $10 an hour!!!! lol)…enjoy your body and yourself responding to the proposed easy to follow steps and fitness- dance routines.

Some people can find Zumba challenging on the first to third class precisely because everything mentioned before; from the fitness and latin dance moves to the mental-emotional state of the person that comes to a Zumba class or any other class but it is my promise that if you stick to my Zumba class, you will find all that you are looking for in the one fitness program that it will soon become so much more than that to you! You will love your Zumba class time and you will find a real opportunity to achieve your goals whether these are to loose weight, improve your fitness level, improve coordination, learn how to dance basic Salsa, learn how to dance Latin rhythms in general, gain more confidence, self-esteem, laugh, have fun, make more friends, belong to a community, general wellbeing and develop healthier habits, do something that you actually stick to and have a total different fitness experience!!

Zumba Fitness is to me the perfect combination work out program between Fitness and Dance.

It mixes the two elements in a way that it is most effective because it is mainly so much fun to do! As a Fitness program, it provides the elements of great cardio which can improve and/or maintain your fitness level and it leads to burning calories.  As a dance program, it can satisfy the desire for dancing at different levels as well:  if you are a parent, mature person or extremely busy person that does not actively dance on regular basis, you can get that at a Maribyrnong Zumba class; in fact, some of my class participants call it “their night out”.  Also, if you are very young and love dancing so much that you do not want to stop, then you have a Zumba Maribyrnong class during the week to come to and bust your favourite moves!!  Lastly, if you love “Latin dance” and you are a Salsa dancer or you have been wanting to be one for a while, my Zumba class in Maribyrnong, is the perfect place to be at!!

Zumba classes with Analia!

So, I will be waiting for you at Zumba classes in Melbourne and Zumba classes Maribyrnong.  I am looking to share with you a program that all of us that are part of, feel happy, motivated and passionate about and I personally because Latin music and Latin dance it is something I am passionate about together with being fit and healthy which to me are what impulses us to face life everyday with so much more energy and therefore do the other things we love and the things that we have to do as part of our personal life journeys. Please come and try ZUMBA with me.
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